Dave: No, you twat.  Something else.  Other than this.
Monger: Other than what?
Dave: This.  Something other than this.
Monger: Youre fucked.
Dave: I think I might well be.  With my life, I mean, something other than this with my life.
Monger: Oh.  That.
Dave: I had to do all this stuff, man, all this really fucking great stuff.  I had to do so much and make so much and really touch people with all this shit that I did, you know?  I was meaning to do that.
Monger: What happened?
Dave: Nothing, I dont think.  I tried.  I did stuff.  I do stuff, but not how I was really meant to.  I seem to have lost track.  I seem to have forgotten what all that cool shit actually was, that Im meant to be doing, you know?